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At Doukas Farms, we are proud to be a family-owned and operated. We are located in Eastern Oregon on the border of Idaho. Our passion for quality beef began with our partnership with Chris and Ann Bennight at the V-Bar-C Ranch. They taught us the art of raising quality cattle and we hope to carry on their legacy. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality, healthy and delicious beef available, using sustainable practices. As a family, we understand the importance of good food and knowing where it came from. We believe that everyone should have access to beef that is raised in a humane and ethical way!

About Our Beef

At Doukas Farms, we take pride in providing the highest quality grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Our cattle graze on our pastures and are never given hormones or routine antibiotics, making our beef naturally healthy and delicious. Taste the difference in our premium cuts and feel good about supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Our Family To Yours

Grass raised and finished beef from our family to your family.

Contact Us

Vale, Oregon 97918

Tel: 503-575-5676

Tel: 360-606-3713


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