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$4.50 Hanging Weight ($.10lb discount with a whole beef)- plus processing and cut and wrap (varies by time of year and by butcher.) Processing fee is split by quarters and runs from $135-150 for a whole beef. The cut and wrap is from $0.90-$1.25lb hanging weight


Whole beef contains approximately 300-400lbs

25% steaks

40% roasts and variety cuts

35% ground

$4.50 per pound hanging weight (weight of the carcus before cuts) plus cut & wrap

$200 deposit

Whole Beef

SKU: Whole
  • We are proud to offer our grass-fed, alfalfa finished all natural beef that is raised on our family farm in the Willamette Valley Oregon and on the V-C Ranch in Eastern Oregon. Please ask us if you have any questions about our beef.

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