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At Doukas Farms we have found that Sweet Pro has been an added benefit for our cows. It has helped them to better process their food and get more nutrients from their feed. Since we have been so happy with the results in our cows we have decided to become a distributor and make this available to you! We use it for our horses, goats and carry specific tubs for sheep! Contact us for more information!


At SweetPro we make a variety of feed supplement products for horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock. Our products support animal digestive health and growth, while supporting excellent feed efficiency. We blend distillers grains, vitamins and minerals, with beta-glucan, a prebiotic and our proprietary blend additive ProBiotein. No molasses.

SweetPro products – in blocks and meal – are cost efficient, easy to handle and support nutrient utilization, giving animals what they need for growth and good health. Have a look around our site and we're here to answer any questions you have. You can also find SweetPro dealers in your area who will be glad to help. Thank you for visiting our site.

Bob Thornberg
President of SweetPro

Products In Stock

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Fresh Start


Fresh Start Loose Meal 
Net wt. 50 lb bags
Net wt. 2,000 lb totes

A unique all-in-one non-molasses, non-starch supplement containing protein, vitamins, minerals, yeast, viable enzymes and other fermentation metabolites. Designed for dairy, pigs, goats, chickens and beef. Great for lactating livestock, and receiving and finishing rations. For receiving Fresh Start is helpful in the maturation and rumen development. This product is also appropriate for show pigs and show cattle. Fresh Start is the extra edge your animal needs to make it to the winner’s circle.

Fresh Start comes in a 50lb bag or a 2,000lb tote.

All our SweetPro products, including Fresh Start breaks from the tradition of molasses and starch fed products for beef cattle, dairy cattle, calves, pigs, goats and chickens. Also an excellent additive for bottle fed animals. Try our Milk Replacer with Fresh Start added. It is an excellent combination to get your bottle fed animals growing and healthy. Please note that lambs have their own low copper version called Fresh Start Sheep Meal.

This unique, patented formula called ProBiotein consists of fermented grains (barley malt, oats, wheat and flax), yeast, live enzymes, and probiotics and prebiotics.

Product Specifics:
The yeast in Probiotein, cultured on a media of wheat, oats, barley malt and flax, is rich in biotin and other nutrients to aid digestion.
Pre-biotics, also known as oligosaccharides feed the beneficial probiotic bacteria, are a key part of the ProBiotein additive. These prebiotics help maintain good digestive tract health.
Enzymes, the catalysts of digestion are included in a fibrinolytic, amylolytic & proteolytic array to assist fiber, protein and mineral utilization.
Flax helps in many ways. The oil is dense energy which is high in Omega 3 fatty acid content. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid often missing in modern diets. Flax is also among the richest sources of lignans, which help improve immune function.
Organic complexed minerals are featured. Zinc, copper and manganese are complexed, or bound to protein instead of other minerals, assuring high bioavailability.
Diatomaceous Earth

Improved fertility/conception rate/breedback
Improved frame/weight gain
Reduces scours in calves
Improved coat quality
Better herd/flock health
Reduced picking in birds
Improved milk production & butterfat
Contains Diatomaceous Earth

How to Feed:
Fresh Start is fed at 1 oz. per 100lbs of body weight to maintain animal health. You may up to double to dose if you are raising a show or performance animal or for dairy where nutritional needs are high.

Visit: Sweet Pro to find out more about their product and how it can benefit you and your livestock!

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