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Doukas Farms

Owned & Operated


Chris and Emily Doukas

We believe in raising quality, well-balanced, healthy cows knowing that healthy cows equal quality beef. We started our herd in the Willamette Valley in 2017 with the help of Chris and Ann Bennight bringing over two bred cows. Every year we are learning so much more about what it takes to naturally raise healthy and well-balanced cows. We are working daily to improve the lives of our animals and the quality of our beef.

As our small herd has expanded and our family continues to grow, we have moved to Eastern Oregon to continue to partner with V Bar C Ranch and become more a part of the daily ins and outs of raising the beef.

We continue to strive, to grow, learn and educate ourselves and others as we raise our family! We hope to continue to raise and sell quality beef and raise our sons with this opportunity of growing up in the agricultural lifestyle. We look forward to providing you with your beef fresh from our family to your family! Please feel free to email us or call us!


V Bar C Ranch


Owned & Operated


Chris and Ann Bennight

V-C Ranch is located outside of Nyssa, Oregon. Owned and run by Chris & Ann Bennight who started their ranch in 1982 with just a few cows brought over from the Willamette Valley. Today they are successfully breeding a balanced cow with consistency in their beef cuts like rib-eye and for the flavorful marbling. It is important to Chris and Ann to not over breed or breed for extremes. They care about what is best for the the cattle; breeding for longevity, quality and well-balanced cattle which creates a healthy cow and quality beef.

Carney's Pastured Meats

NIchole and Brian.webp

Owned & Operated


Brian & Nichole Carney

Brian and Nichole Carney founded Carney's Pastured Meats in 2018 after realizing how hard it is to find local humanely and regeneratively raised meat. They keep their animal's health and comfort as the top priority while nourishing our land with their manure and bedding. Starting with only 5 acres and in 2021 graduating to 40 acres they are diligent about their pasture maintenance, to ensure the animals are eating the most nutritious grass and forage possible. When harvesting their livestock, they utilize most of the offal for either human food or pet food.

Brian and Nichole came on board with Doukas Farms, in 2021 partnering with V Bar C Ranch to continue to bring sustainable grass-fed beef to the Willamette Valley.

Follow them on their Instagram and Facebook!

Allison & Laird.jpg

Laird McCabe Performance Horses


Cowpoke Corner Fine Art & Leather

Owned & Operated


Laird McCabe & Allison Bruns

Laird and Allison have two thriving businesses in the horse industry. Allison is a western artist with beautiful paintings and leather work. Laird is a knowledgeable and talented performance horse trainer and clinician. We have known Allison and Laird through the equine community for several years, and after they bought our farm in Sweet Home we asked if they would be willing to continue selling our hamburger at their farm!
Follow them at: Allison Bruns | Facebook, Cowpoke Corner Fine Art & Leather and Laird McCabe Performance Horses

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